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Za človeka gre: Relevanca znanosti in izobraževanja / All about people: Relevance of science and education 2020

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Hemp or Cannabis sativa in food

Hemp is one of oldest and most incredible plans, which human know. Sience call it Queen of all the plants. Hemp is also have rich history of using in food and in medicine (also in other area: for example: enviromental studys – Chernobyl case (how hemp helps with enviromental problem in Chernobyl after a nuclear disaster in 1986, which helps nature to recovery from heavy metals like uranium. ) – for example in Chinese medicine. We also have the evidence from rich hemp history : abouth hemp we have some words in work of Homer. At the same time lots of human saying: hemp – all hemps are basicly the drugs and we don`t have evidence – we are not sure how hemp react on human health. But sience says different: we have different types of hemp and sure is, that Quenn of all the plants is Cannabis sativa – not Cannabis indica (which people using for drugs). We have all the evidence which we need to show the people the power of Cannabis sativa. The purpose of my work is to present hemp. – Cannabis sativa in food industry and also what have seeds and other parts of plants in it. Which vitamins, omega 3, 6 and what is CBD. I want though my questionnarie and reserach show that, how much people knowing abouth that plant, and that we have some people, which say: Cannabis sativa is the drug. Also in same time I want to come to results, that people using Cannabis sativa in food and in every day life – that the participans most often using hemp seeds, honey, milk and tea.

Doris Sapač



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