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Za človeka gre: Relevanca znanosti in izobraževanja / All about people: Relevance of science and education 2020

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Nursing the patient after a stroke and the importance of preventing it from occurring

Introduction: In Slovenia and in the world, the emergence of stroke is increasing. Stroke can be prevented. The article presents, stroke, symptoms, and signs, GROM abbreviation, first aid in the case of stroke, treatment, rehabilitation, healthcare after stroke and the importance of preventing it from occurring. Methods: Performed research is based on the empirical quantitative method of work. By means of the studied literature, a survey questionnaire was formed. It included 24 questions. In the research, 120 participants from Ptuj and surroundings participated. They were selected by chance. They were from different age brackets, gender, degree of education, and residence. Results: By means of the analysis of the survey questionnaire, the results were gained from which it is evident how people are acquainted with stroke, risk factors, symptoms, and signs, taking measures, preventing, prevention, and consequences. Most of the participants of the survey are not familiar with the abbreviation GROM. The participants by chance believe that the most important risk factors for stroke are high blood pressure. Most of the participants believe that one of the most common consequences of stroke is a disability. Discussion: In the research, it was ascertained that all the participants of the survey had already heard about stroke. Most of them have no one in their family which was affected by stroke. A lot of them believe that the emergence of stroke is increasing. They know the risk factors and preventive factors to a considerable extent and they take pretty good care for their physical and mental health. It is surprising how many of them do not wish for more information about stroke. Most of them believe that their awareness about stroke is sufficient.






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