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Za človeka gre: Relevanca znanosti in izobraževanja / All about people: Relevance of science and education 2020

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Theoretical background: Vaccination is the most effective measure to prevent influenza in the elderly population. The elderly and chronic patients, who are more susceptible to infection and its complications, carry the largest share of the flu. The article presents influenza vaccination in the elderly population, what influenced the decision and what the respondents opinion was abaut mandatory vaccination of healthcare professionalis.

Research methodology: Descriptive research method used to review domestic and foreign professional literature. Research or the empirical part of the task is quantitative. It was conducted with the help of a questionnaire, which served as a measuring instrument. Survey results were analyzed and analyzed using SPSS.

Results: Influenza prevalence in the elderly population is low. The elderly do not decide to vaccinate because they believe that they are healthy, that the vaccine is not safe, that it does not protect against the disease, or that they have simply never been vaccinated. The study found that there was no difference in health status between those who chose to vaccinate or did not decide to vaccinate. However, slightly less (17.6%) are those who are not healthy or have any chronic disease. The majority of respondents believe that healthcare professionals are important in providing information and agrees with the introduction of mandatory vaccination of healthcare professionals against influenza.

Discussion: It is definitely necessary to increase awareness of the importance of vaccination for the entire population. The decision often depends on the information they receive, beliefs and confidence in the health system. We find that healthcare professionals carry a great deal of professional responsibility; they reduce the risk of infection and may contribute to increased rates of vaccination. Additional consistent information regarding vaccines and vaccinations is needed. The older population should be given more attention and appropriate communication should be established especially with those who refuse vaccination.

Sandra Donoša


Edvard Jakšič



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