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Za človeka gre: Relevanca znanosti in izobraževanja / All about people: Relevance of science and education 2020

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Improvement of cardiovascular system by using mixture of vitamins and amino acids

Today, we can witness an increasing number of cardiovascular disease, mainly due to stress, nutrition and inappropriate recreation. The most of diagnostic methods and medicines today are focusing on treatment the effects that occur when parts of the cardiovascular system become clogged or are not functioning properly. Our thesis is that the risk of cardiovascular disease can be diagnosed beforehand, and this risk can be reduced by a mixture of vitamins and amino acids that are responsible for cardiovascular system renewal and its proper functioning. For diagnostic purposes, an arteriograph apparatus was used to determine the elasticity of the aortic wall by measuring the pulse wave in the aorta and the augmentation index (AIX), that indicating the acute status of the arterioles (small arteries) and their function. These two indicators show the condition of the cardiovascular system and the potential for cardiovascular disease. The study tested 50 people taking a mixture of vitamins and amino acids called Cardio Plus for 1-4 months. The analysis was made to improve the AIX index that can be divided into 4 classes (disease, elevated, normal and optimal). The analysis of the results showed that more than 50% of people went to a better class (from sick to elevated or normal 52%, from elevated to normal 64%, from normal to optimal 88%.). No worsening was detected in any person. The presented example shows that it is possible to significantly improve the cardiovascular system in less than 4 months by using a non-invasive method of measurement and a mixture of vitamins and amino acids.

Marko Šetinc
AMEU, Geopolis d.o.o.

Aleš Linus
Novi val d.o.o.


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