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Za človeka gre: Relevanca znanosti in izobraževanja / All about people: Relevance of science and education 2020

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Parents of children with autism need help, not judgment

The paper will present the aspect of supporting parents of children with autism. Parents of children with autism often express their distress, which they experience as parents of a child with different behaviour. The questionnaire will look from whom parents expect support and help from, and how much of that help and support can they get and where they can get it. We will also seek answers to the questions of whether they have ever received negative judgments about their parenting competencies and who they received them from, and what impact they have had on them. In this paper, we will present the forms of assistance to children, adolescents, and parents offered by the public health, social and educational systems, and NGOs.

Sabina Korošec Zavšek
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