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Za človeka gre: Relevanca znanosti in izobraževanja / All about people: Relevance of science and education 2020

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Project Team Group Emotional Intelligence (EI): an essential capability for project success of different project types

About 88% of project managers spend more than half of their working time on managing, understanding and solving people side issues (Aziz, 2019). Researchers found challenges and complexity in project primarily associated with emotions rather than technical ones. Emotions act as one of the critical factor in assessing project team capability while managing projects. It is required to analyze whether project team EI lead to better project performance. Therefore, to examine project team EI and project success link through a mediating role of motivation and relationship management; a hypotheses and research model is formulated. It will test the project team's group EI impact on project success through project team motivation and project team relationship management as mediating variables. Research model will be tested empirically using an online survey consisting of questionnaires to gather response from the respondents. A statistical regression analysis will be appropriate for multiple mediators variables and to examine relationship of mediating factors with project success. The results and findings will help project managers become aware of the importance of project team members motivation and relationship building which can boost performance in complex situations. This research will add on increasing body of literature on the emotional and behavioural implications of EI in project management organizations. Moreover, this study will cover a gap of mediating variables effect on project success.

Vaibhavi Chavan
Alma Mater Europaea- European Centre Maribor

Prof. Dr. Mladen Radujkovic
Alma Mater Europaea- European Centre Maribor


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