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Za človeka gre: Relevanca znanosti in izobraževanja / All about people: Relevance of science and education 2020

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Overwiew of the best studied cannabinoids, their clinical use and current experience

The use of cannabis for the treatment and alleviation of health problems has been known for millennia. The most important active substances from cannabis are the cannabinoids. Cannabinoids are found in the plant kingdom, most abundantly in cannabis, but also in other plants. Despite numerous facts about the usefulness of cannabinoids in medicine, there are still many doubts and misconceptions about their clinical use, safety profile and application. The wider use of cannabinoid medicines is restricted by the lack of controlled clinical trials that would demonstrate clear clinical benefits for individual indications. The main cause of the lack of these studies is, in particular, unclear regulations and legislation about the use of cannabinoids worldwide. In the article we described the best studied cannabinoids, their mode of action in the body, the possible clinical uses and our current experience.

Željko Perdija
Institut ICANNA; CIIM plus

tanja bagar


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