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Za človeka gre: Relevanca znanosti in izobraževanja / All about people: Relevance of science and education 2020

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Gender Diversity in Managing Construction Projects

SYNOPSIS: Diversity is in the heart of nearly any project management attempt, which is not the case only with cultural diversity in multicultural project teams, but also age and gender diversity. The latest is stressed on the special way in the industries that are still predominantly traditional, such as construction industry. The aim of this article is to research the existence of practical implications of this type of diversity in the national context of Croatia. RESEARCH DESIGN: The aim of the research was to make a prelaminar analysis of the range of possible problems emerging from the absence of gender diversity in managing projects in construction industry. In order to obtain this aim, a qualitative research approach is adopted. The sample of people working on construction projects is collected in order to answer on questions of different type connected with gender diversity, among which opportunities and challenges when working with the opposite gender, through the semi-structured interviews. Based on the research findings, main problems are addressed and possible solutions given, as well as recommendations for the future research on the area. RELEVANCE FOR PRACTICE AND EDUCATION: In practical context, findings may be useful as a help in developing a working atmosphere of more understanding in situations where problems addressed to gender diversity occur. Also, they can be used in educational sense, to empower women to enroll technical studies and be open minded towards careers in traditionally masculine industries. MAIN FINDINGS: The main findings from the study are linked with the dominate perception of existence of differences in male and female approach to various project issues. These findings are relevant both for the further research of project management, as well as praxes.

Mariela Sjekavica Klepo


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