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Za človeka gre: Relevanca znanosti in izobraževanja / All about people: Relevance of science and education 2020

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Me, you, we expressing ourselves interculturally

Title: Me, you, we expressing ourselves interculturally

Introduction: One of our school´s primary goals is to keep teaching German as first foreign language. The school tries to present, interpret and emphasise the importance of the German language in our region to the parents – because of the bordering neighbour country Austria, the ever increasing number of pupils who later matriculate in Austria´s Secondary Schools and the later possibility of seeking work in this country. By including our pupils into International Erasmus + Projects, they can gain new experiences, enhance their positive self-esteem and develop their communicational skills in a foreign language. All pupils, including special needs children, are integrated in the project.

Methods used: Students start learning and/or improve their foreign language skills, learn about foreign cultures. The project allows the inclusion of pupils who will later in life, due to financial or social reasons, probably not have an opportunity to visit a foreign country.

Results: Evaluations after the return from the International Exchange, evaluations at the end of the international Exchange in home environment and intermediate work analysis throughout the school year.

Conclusion: Results show that students return from these exchanges filled with optimism, positive energy and the willingness to participate in such projects again. They are motivated and willing to host foreign pupils, they want to use the target language in various occasions. The findings also apply for students with learning difficulties and for students who fear using foreign languages.

Manja Gospodarič
OŠ Janka Ribiča Cezanjevci, Cezanjevci 39, Ljutomer 9240


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