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Za človeka gre: Relevanca znanosti in izobraževanja / All about people: Relevance of science and education 2020

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Gaining health and knowledge with outdoor activities

Title: Gaining health and knowledge with outdoor activities Introduction: The contemporary way of life has started taking its toll on special needs children as well - they spend more and more time in front of computers, watch too much television, live lives in the imaginary world of videogames, cartoons and fairy tales, their parents lack quality time because they are preoccupied with work. Methods used: It is difficult to compare special needs children with each other or in a certain period, because their needs vary considerably. Experiencing life and learning outside the classroom offers children to get in touch with the natural environment- the woods, rivers, meadows and positively interferes with their education and overall development. It offers healthy, calm and optimal skill development as well as it shapes their values of self-recognition in a positive attitude towards the natural world. It is easy to achieve inner peace, a better mood can be developed easily and the awareness that the world surrounding us is alive, beautiful and interesting is shaped. Results: Reflection on child’s functioning, personalisation and consideration of personalised lesson plans. While spending time outside and experiencing paths, adding and arranging obstacles from natural materials children create and develop their own creativity in small projects and interpret fairy tales. Conclusion: Since I have more and more contact with autistics children, I came to the conclusion, that for some of them calming down, outdoor activities, the quiet, colours, sound and smells of nature are beneficial.

Damijan Šumak
OŠ Janka Ribiča Cezanjevci, Cezanjevci 39, Ljutomer 9240


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