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Za človeka gre: Relevanca znanosti in izobraževanja / All about people: Relevance of science and education 2020

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When I grow up I will be ...

"What will I do when I grow up?" wanders every child throughout childhood, even before entering school. We form the answer slowly and gradually; when we seek answers about ourselves, discover and develop our skills and abilities. Deciding for a vocation is one of the most important life decisions. It requires time and exploring additional information sources. Those are often found in parents, peers, relatives, and experts, who play important roles in a person's life. Students with special needs visiting primary schools with adapted programs and educational standards also have to decide about their future career. Important legislation has been passed in Slovenia, which defines children with special needs and regulates the guidance of children with special needs on all educational levels. It also prescribes the means and forms of their education. Most notable are the 1996 Organisation and Financing of Education Act and the 2000 Placement of Children with Special Needs Act. In spite of that, there are fewer options of enrolling secondary education for students being educated in a special need primary school with a lowered educational standard. The lack of experience, frequent misestimating of their skills and abilities, and poorer understanding of secondary education all influence the forming of unrealistic wishes in choosing further education. This is why special attention should be paid to their career orientation by providing professional assistance to young people with special needs in the transition to secondary education as well as in the transition to the labor market. In this way, we ensure a long-term impact on the individual's social inclusion and quality of life. This article presents examples of good vocational guidance practices for special needs students, which have been carried out at Primary school Cvetko Golar Ljutomer. This guidance enables students to transit into their independence and adulthood and facilitates their transition to the labor market.

Sanja Kovačič
OŠ Ivana Cankarja Ljutomer


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