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Uporaba Manualne Tehnike Manipulacija Fascij po Mastektomiji

Use of Manual Technique Manipulation of the Fascia After Mastectomy

A mastectomy can leave many women long or long-term injuries, that can prevent a woman from performing her daily life activities. Fascia is a connective tissue and plays an active role in recovery from surgery and injuries, so the main purpose of the thesis was to determine the impact of fascia manipulation in women who still struggle with pain on the operated side and limited shoulder mobility after a year or more after mastectomy. The sample included twenty patients included in a ten-day rehabilitation program, randomly divided into two groups of ten investigators. In the rehabilitation program, the control group included twenty minutes of individual exercises for shoulder ring mobility, the test group, had in addition to 20 minutes of individual exercises, 4 treatments of fascia manipulation at two days apart. We used the quantitative research method. We performed measurements before and after the study, where we measured the extent of mobility in both shoulder joints and used a visual analog scale (VAS) to evaluate rest and load pain. In the data analysis, we used a t-test with SPSS to check for differences between groups. In the test group, we found a statistically significant decrease in pain by one and a half degrees on the Vas scale at rest and at workload, as well as a statistically significant improvement in the passive (eighteen degrees) and active (seventeen degrees) range of motion of the shoulder joint on the operated side, compared with the control group. Based on the findings, we conclude that manual fascia manipulation therapy, as part of late mastectomy rehabilitation, may represent an effective choice of method to combine kinesiotherapy to reduce pain and improve shoulder joint mobility on the operative site, even after a year or more after surgery.

Katarina Hohler
Alma Mater Europaea - ECM

Patricija Goubar
Alma Mater Europaea - ECM


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