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Za človeka gre: Relevanca znanosti in izobraževanja / All about people: Relevance of science and education 2020

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Job Competence of Employees Age 45 Years and Over in Companies with High Data Processing Demands

Aging affects many societal segments among them also employment and management of older work force. Parallel with population aging, e.g., those of age 65 years and older, there will be an increased number older employees. Demographic projections show that in 2050 there will be 60% of work force older than 55 years of age. Graying of work force is associated with several issues particularly with age-related cognitive decline and emotional changes. In the talk we will present the outcomes of our study using SWOT analysis with the goal to prepare strategies for resolution of older employees’ problems related to their work competence, and employers’ treatments of employees older than 45 years of age in the companies with high data processing demands. We interviewed random sample of 10 older employees from a bank, government office, and engineering firm. Then we coded the responses to four matrix groups for evaluation of the influence of internal and external factors highlighted by older employees. Results showed that older employees have problems with manipulation of increased amount of data that cause stress, frustration, affect their health, and that the possible interventions depend to great degree on working environment. SWOT analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats also showed as an outstanding need for exercising of cognitive abilities. As the best possible intervention to prevent age-related cognitive decline we will present computerized cognitive training (CCT) and the studies applying CCT on older employees. Few existing studies show that CCT can be applied within the working process, and that CCT can improve cognitive abilities. However additional research is needed to improve planning, implementation of the training content, and evaluation of effectiveness of the CRT with older employees. We also propose that in parallel with applying CCT to older employees there should be education of employers about the effectiveness of CCT on working process and company’s profitability.

Zdenka Milič Žepič
Mednarodni inštitut za aplikativno gerontologijo, Ljubljana

Bojana Filej
Alma mater Europaea, Evropski center, Maribor

Voyko Kavcic
Institute of Gerontology Wayne State University, Detroit
United States


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