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Za človeka gre: Relevanca znanosti in izobraževanja / All about people: Relevance of science and education 2020

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The humanistic paradigm of lifelong learning and progress in postmodern society

The article is based on an examiation of the humanitistic model of life education, which is based on three main presumptions: civil upbringing, building of social capital and increasing the capabilities of individuals. The main paradigm of the human capital model in the model of life education is the emphasis on development of competent, responsible citizens, which direct the investment in education (Kapil Dev Regmi 2015). Proponents of the theory of human capital as Gary Becker (1962, 1975) and Theodore Schultz (1960, 1961) examine education as an investment in an individual and the consequences of education as a shape of capital. The result of this investment is seen as a growth in the number of scientists, technicians, managers and professionals from other fields. In the postmodern society we are faced with the problem of staying competitive on the labour market whilst increasing productivity and well being of the society. Based on the analysis of the content we will introduce the theory and the model of the functioning of the human capital, while determining possible factors, that have failed in the educational sistem and might even present a stagnation in the field of the education market in the postmodern society. Individuals, especially the school going population are the driving force of life education. Being competent in your field leads to a higher quality employment and the higher income that follows such. The model of life education has a complex meaning because we can compete with other countries with our knowledge and at the same time serves as a motivational tool of transfering and maintaining knowledge throughout the hollistic development of an individual in society.

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