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Za Ĩloveka gre 2021 / All about people 2021

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Barriers and Influencing Factors For Open Innovation Based On Literature Review and Survey

Since the concept of open innovation (OI) was first introduced in 2003, it has been increasingly recognized as an important factor in the success of companies. During the last 10 years, innovating firms also realized the challenges and barriers in practices. Many researchers have studies on OI barriers on different aspects, including identification of the barriers, giving importance to their category. Some researches were limited to SMEs, and some paid attention to particular domain or areas, for example food industry in China. The main objective of this research is to further identify and categorize the barriers to OI practice, by analyzing and comparing the results of the literature on this topic, and also through a survey study. Our scope is not limited only to SMEs, neither to certain domain nor areas. Our findings of OI barriers can provide wider insights for further IO research, and it can assist entrepreneurs by supporting them of avoiding barriers and applying positive influencing factors to foster innovative progress.

Weiyu Du
International Business School the Hague

Azamat Sulaymonov
International Business School the Hague


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