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Za človeka gre 2021 / All about people 2021

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The Slovenian Armed Forces In The System of Protection of Heritage In Crisis and War Conditions

Cultural heritage or heritage are areas and complexes, built and otherwise designed buildings, objects or groups of objects or preserved materialized works as a result of human creativity and its various activities, social development and events typical of individual periods in Slovenia and the wider area, whose protection is due to their historical, cultural and civilizational significance in the public interest. In the Slovenian Armed Forces, through the institution of operation of the Military Museum of the Slovenian Armed Forces, the protection of military cultural heritage is systematically controlled and supervised and directed by the competent institutions. we face many threats to the existence of society, the state and even the international community. Intensive globalization processes certainly contribute to this, as the world changes into one large community, but at the same time strong anti-globalization movements emerge.

Zvezdan Marković
Alma Mater Europaea ISH


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