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The Role of The Physiotherapist In The Maternity Hospital Murska Sobota

Pregnancy is a transformational time in a woman’s life and for her body, as significant musculoskeletal changes occur. Many of these changes disappear after childbirth, and some remain and cause many problems for women in labor. The purpose of the research is to determine the role of physiotherapists in raising awareness of postpartum women in childbirth in the maternity hospital Murska Sobota for the purpose of prevention. We used a quantitative research method using an anonymous survey questionnaire. The sample consisted of 30 women who had already given birth and were still in hospital care at the time of the survey. We found that as many as 93% (28) of midwives in our sample were visited by a physiotherapist during hospital care after childbirth for the purpose of raising awareness of the consequences of childbirth on the pelvic floor and preventive measures. As many as 83.3% (25) of women in our sample are well aware of the modern method of pelvic floor muscle training, while knowledge of the importance and method of strengthening the local stabilization system or abdominal wall is slightly worse. Pelvic floor dysfunction, recta abdominis distasis and low back or pelvic pain have been shown to be very common postpartum conditions that can significantly affect the quality of life of women in labor, so the role of physiotherapist is crucial for higher awareness and prenatal and early postpartum period. implementation of preventive measures that may affect the functional state of any mother.

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