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Nova Gorica's Candidacy For The European Capital of Culture For 2025 and The Integration of Architectural Heritage In Rural Areas

In 2020, the Ministry of Culture led the process of selecting the European Capital of Culture for 2025 in the Republic of Slovenia. Six Slovenian cities have applied for the European Capital of Culture. In a two-phase procedure, the International Council of Independent Experts for the European Capital of Culture recommended a joint candidacy of the cities of Nova Gorica and Gorica. The cross-border candidacy of Nova Gorica also includes the area of hinterland municipalities in rural areas. Architectural heritage in rural areas is one of the most endangered heritage groups. In addition to the criteria that evaluate the dilapidation of buildings and the importance of cultural protection, financial incentives for co-financing the restoration of cultural heritage require the inclusion of development components and program integration into the wider local community. The European Capital of Culture project is the European Union's most important cultural initiative and an opportunity to integrate architectural heritage. The article will present the inclusion of architectural heritage in rural areas in the candidacy program of Nova Gorica for the European Capital of Culture. I examined the candidacy program in the application books for the pre-selection and for the final selection. I pursued the integration of architectural heritage in the rural areas as a cultural infrastructure. I found that the candidacy of Nova Gorica includes individual cases of revitalization of rural heritage, especially mining heritage. The descriptions do not show extensive innovations and breakthrough measures that would significantly revitalize the degraded heritage in rural areas.

Mojca Sfiligoj
Alma Mater Europaea – Fakulteta za humanistični študij, Institutum Studiorum Humanitatis


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