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Za človeka gre 2021 / All about people 2021

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Integrity, Socio-Economic and Political Transformations, Intercultural Communication and Gender Equality In Academic He Institutions Need To Be Promoted By Proposing and Drafting A New Law/regulation and Guidelines For Achieving A Higher Quality Assurance

Nowadays the Reform in academic institutions and society at large is a must in the context of the overall integration of our institutions into the EU. Having been involved in projects and participating in conferences and working groups for introducing ‘Integrity’ in public Institutions has been a stimulus fact for applying it in the first place in our daily professional life inside the Universities and through all walks of life in our country. Historically Integrity has been inherent and rooted in the inner world and behavior of educated people in our country. Economic and political transformations have quite changed the way people look at values they once thought were more important than any material gain or personal interest. “Integrity, socio-economic and political transformations, intercultural communication and gender equality in academic HE Institutions need to be promoted by proposing and drafting a new Law/Regulation and Guidelines for achieving a higher quality assurance and performance of the teaching staff in Universities. Leading Towards Sustainable Academic and cultural transformation cooperation Plans in Universities and research institutions by drafting joint Modules and integrating the existing ones in response to today’s developments by looking at the best practices and policies of transformation that have occurred in Europe by sharing the best values to the best interest of our communities and peoples”. Universities and Academia should precede with application of radical and constructive transformations from within as the main source of education of the younger generations.

Adriana Dervishaj
University of Tirana


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