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Za Ĩloveka gre 2021 / All about people 2021

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Special Humanup Neck Massage For Headaches

Occipital headaches represent approx. 60% of chronical headaches caused by changes in the cervical spine. These headaches are usually treated with kinesiotherapy and analgesic physiotherapy. A possible cause for these headaches is the tension pressure of the neck muscles on the vertebral joints, especially the atlas. HumanUP massage is a method where we try to change the deprivation and minimal dislocation of the vertebrae with vibration pressure. HumanUP massage is performed with a special massage tool, which we use to massage spinal muscle implantation approx. 1 to 3 minutes. We tested 22 chronically patients with occipital headache who had previously tested all methods of physical therapy. Pain was tested with the VAS scale, MQS, MIDAS, HIT-6 tests and a questionnaire consisting of 36 general questions and measurements of cervical spine mobility. Patients will be included in the study, approx. 6 months long. After the first treatment 70% of patients reduced the VAS scale by approx. 30% and after the third treatment by 85%. Measurements of anteflexion, retroflexion, and internal rotation showed improvements in mobility at least 25% after the first treatment, 30% after the second, and 35% after the third treatment. Approx. 20% of patients reported no improvement. The presented HumanUP massage method is a new form of integrative method and thinking about the development of neck pain and occipital headaches. We will continue the research and analyze the causes of occipital headaches and neck syndromes. This is a preliminary report of the ongoing extended research

Damnjan Damnjanovic
Fakulteta za zdravstvene vede

Zmago Turk
Alma mater europaea


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