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Za Ĩloveka gre 2021 / All about people 2021

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Choreography In The Audiovisual Medium

The article deals with the problem of moving the original choreography into the genre of dance film. Film, like dance, is the art of movement. The camera has, in addition to technological, also its psychological, spatial, light and compositional laws, and in terms of presenting an image, the dance film is faced with the same challenges as stage dance. Literally moving dance from the stage to the film set without first thinking about what it means for the original choreography and how the cuts and separations of individual segments take place in relation to the whole choreography does not merge these two genres, but vice versa - at least one will be missing something. Therefore, the article does not address dance film in terms of its emancipation through historical periods, but focuses on the syncretic fusion of two different genres, where the structure of film or the structure of any digital medium and the structure of live dance are softly intertwined in equal aesthetic, sensual and intellectual harmony, that creating a suggestive moving image that fascinates beyond the ordinary view is a process that is immanent to both dance and audiovisual media.

Rosana Hribar
Alma Mater Europaea - Dance Academy


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