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Epidural Stimulation Gives Paralyzed Patients Hopes For A Better Life

Spinal cord injury is a damage to spinal cord caused by trauma or diseases. Nerve damages cause loss of function, such as mobility and/or feeling. Rehabilitation consists of exercises, therapeutic methods, and modalities but none of them gives does not return lost functions. Method: This study is a meta-analysis, literature review of 10 randomized control trails of the last 20 years. All studies have a major focus on the use of electrical stimulation in patients with spinal cord injury. The methodology of studies varies in randomized trails, including 174 patients. Data are extracted from 4 medical data bases. The evaluation is realized with the PED-ro scale. In the other hand I took in consideration 17 case reports diagnosed with spinal cord injury (level C5-C6-C7 and T5-T6 and T7) who received implantation epidural stimulation device. Device Mapping and therapy were carried out after surgery for 35 days, then patients were discharged.

Results: The literature used in this study claimed that electrical stimulation is effective in improving of muscular function, spasticity, and independence in daily living activities. According to PED-ro 3 studies 30% have 3 points studies, 2 studies, respectively 20% have medium level 4-6 points and 5 studies 50% have high level with 7-10 points. In the other hand 17 people in clinical trial treated with epidural stimulation achieved big improvements in balance, coordination, and muscle mass while bladder and bowel control are not improved.

Conclusion: We conclude that epidural stimulation is the best solution for spinal cord injuries.

Elda Latollari
Fan Noli University

Fabion Braimllari
Fan Noli University


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