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Za Ĩloveka gre 2021 / All about people 2021

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On-Line Teaching of Ballet In Time of Covid-19 Crisis: Case Study - Easy Talent Academy Ballet School In Cairo, Egypt

Today's COVID-19 situation has practically stopped the world. We expected to beat the virus in a few months, but our lives were changed for much longer. We started to adapt to the new situation in different ways. Fortunately, today's constant access to the world via the Internet and new technologies offer us countless possibilities. Thus, it suddenly developed the teaching of dance over the web, most often through the app Zoom. What seemed impossible to us until recently has become an everyday reality. The author analyzes the contemporary use of recent theories of learning and teaching in the context of distance learning lessons in the case of cooperation with the ballet school Easy Talent Academy in Cairo, Egypt during the first epidemic lock-down in spring 2020. In addition to her own experience, she relies on relevant material from authors such as: Jacqueline Smith-Autard, Julia Buckroyd, Muska Mosston and Sara Ashworth, Graham McFee, Alysoun Tomkins, David Carr, Lorna Sanders, Chris Kyriacou, Royal Academy of Dancing and others.

Claudia Sovre
Akademija za ples AMEU EMC


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