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Za človeka gre 2021 / All about people 2021

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Prevencija Specifičnih Ozljeda Kod Sprintera Na 100 M

Introduction:Athletics is one of the oldest forms of competition, and the 100 m sprint is the most attractive discipline in athletics.The aim of this study is to investigate which injuries are characteristic for Croatian sprinters.Determine the type and frequency of injuries in sprint discipline on 100m. Identify the causes of their occurrence in training and competition in order to provide the most effective physiotherapy method in injury prevention in the shortest possible time. Methods: Subjects are male sprinters on 100 m in junior and senior category/age. 23 of them come from 8 Croatian clubs.The research was conducted retrospectively for the period from 29.02.2019.-01.03.2020., a survey questionnaire consisting of 12 general and 6 specific injury questions.The collected data were statistically processed and presented through graphs and diagrams. The research was conducted in accordance with fundamental ethical and bioethical principles. Results and discussion: The average age of seniors is 23.25 years, body weight 77.5 kg and height 182.16 cm. The average age of the juniors is 17.73 years, body weight 69.3 kg and height 181.6 cm. Athletic experience averages 7.44 years. 69.6% of them train for 2 hours a day, the rest train for 3-4 hours,30.4%.The most common are hamstrings injuries 36%, foot injuries 23%,groin and spine 13%, knee and lower leg 5%.In seniors, the average is 2.08 injuries with SD 0.9, and in juniors the average is 1.27 with SD 0.78. Conclusion:Physiotherapy procedures and prevention programs can reduce the number of injuries to a minimum.

Vesna Hodić
Centar Tratinčica d.o.o. J. Sibeliusa 3, Zagreb, Hrvatska i Zdravstveno veleučilište Zagreb / University of Applied Health Sciences, Studij fizioterapije / Department of Physiotherapy, Mlinarska cesta 38, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia

Dominik Guštin
Student, Sveučilište u Zagrebu Kineziološki fakultet, Zagreb, Croatia


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