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Za človeka gre 2021 / All about people 2021

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Challenges of Physiotherapeutic Treatment and The Approach of A Multidisciplinary Team In Long-Term Care In The Perspective of The Needs of A Long-Term Society

The current regulation provides the greatest possible assistance to the elderly involved in institutional forms of services. People who remain at home are at a disadvantage, they often lack access to integrated services - including physiotherapy services. Slovenia does not yet have a long-term care system in place. In recent years, the Ministry of Health has supported the implementation of three LTC pilot projects. The purpose of the research was to examine and evaluate the current challenges of physiotherapy treatment and multidisciplinary approach in LTC teams in the perspective of the needs of a long-lived society in Slovenia. We used a qualitative research approach, using a semi-structured interview to collect data. The study included four physiotherapists who participated in pilot implementations of LTC projects. Duration of collection May-September 2020. We asked ourselves five research questions. Physiotherapy treatment contributed to the overall treatment of the individual in long-term care. As part of LTC, a physiotherapist is an important member of a professionally guided multidisciplinary team. Collaborate with users and of different services in health and social care is needed. A physiotherapist is key to transferring relevant knowledge regarding the treatment of the elderly to informal caregivers. The choice of measuring tools in the physiotherapeutic treatment of LTC users in the home environment must be individualized. Although pilot LTC projects are formally completed in 2020, as well as in the future monitoring of quality indicators of physiotherapy treatment of the elderly and a multidisciplinary approach in the long-term care system is important.

Julita Biondić

Nikolaj Lipič


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