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Za Ĩloveka gre 2021 / All about people 2021

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Digital Transformation of Non Profit Organizations and The Impact On Their Project Performance

In many organisations, digital transformation was intensified during the Covid 19 pandemic, especially by IT-infrastructure changes on which the organisation is managing data and communication between stakeholders at organisational and project level. As many other organisations acting in the field of science, education and arts, non profit organisations (NPO) are impacted by digital transformation, especially the projects that they are running.

The IT infrastructure is a key moderator of project performance in NPO in the digital transformation context and therefore it is a critical perspective that will be highlighted in this paper. The paper will firstly address the recent developments of socio-technical system design (STC) theory in which transformation of organisations is embedded. Secondly, the authors will analyse some common performance elements that NPOs have at organisational level. Thirdly, a literature review on digital transformation in NPOs and their main impacts on project performance will be elaborated. Fourthly, the authors will underline the importance of IT infrastructure as a moderating factor of the communication among the project stakeholders. And finally, the paper will come up with some recommendations on how digital transformation might be studied more deeply, based on a business case conducted within one NPO.

Amin Saidoun

Constanta Bodea
University of Bukarest


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