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The Message and / Or Socially Responsible Value of The United Nations' International Milestones

We can learn and transfer to the environment where we live and work alot, and thus we can become socially responsible, if the innovation supports the seven principles of ISO 26000: accountability, transparency, ethical behavior, respect for interests of stakeholders, the rule of law, international norms and human rights, thereby strengthening humans’ and organizations’ and society’s responsibility for the impact on society, interdependence and integrity / holism of the approach. The United Nations also supports the development of people's social responsibility by identifying certain days, weeks, years and decades as opportunities to promote the goals of this international organization: protecting world peace, developing international friendly relations and helping to achieve international cooperation to improve the quality of life of poor people, overcome hunger, disease and illiteracy, and promote respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms for all people. In the first part of the article, we will present in more detail the United Nations as the communicator of these international milestones, and in the second part, the socially responsible message value and the way in which the communicator measures their impact. In the conclusion, we will add the assessment that the IRDO Institute for the Development of Social Responsibility, of which we, authors of this article are members, supports the work of the UN through annual international conferences attended by over one thousand authors from around the world, with over twenty books socially responsible activities of young people and employees, by awarding Horus awards, etc. So does INPEA.

Borut Ambrožič
Alma Mater Europaea - ECM

Matjaž Mulej
Ekonomsko poslovna fakulteta Univerza v Mariboru


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