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Za človeka gre 2021 / All about people 2021

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Clug's Petrushka

In the 2018/19 season, the ballet Petruška by Slovenian choreographer Edward Clug was premiered at the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow. We were able to watch the premiere in Slovenia via a live stream at the Cineplexx, which in recent years has provided viewers with unique artistic experiences with a digital subscription offer of performances by world-renowned theaters. Clug's internationally acclaimed choreographic career require special attention. The choreographic approach, the interpretation of the narrative using its own dance language, stage space and costumes, is considered in a historical context, placed alongside Petrushka by Michael Fokin, who more than a hundred years ago, in an innovative style, combined pantomime and formal dance and thus revolutionary changed the concept of 20th century ballet choreography. The analysis showed that both choreographers perceive an individual approach, moving away from the traditional one. The choreographic creations attempt to define similar characteristics of the birth of a unique style within a socio-historical context. Different choreographic approaches and concepts do enter the field of ballet, but they do not change its nature. Nor could we argue that modern dance limits the ballet convention, as classical ballet technique is the foundation of dance expression at the highest professional level. Is ballet moving away from itself and entering the field of the contemporary? Yes and no. The interweaving of different styles gives birth to innovative forms of expression, but the source of inspiration mostly comes from classical ballet technique, analog stage presentation and ballet canon.

Helena Krieger


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