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Za človeka gre 2021 / All about people 2021

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Asian Vs. Western Leadership Style In The Team Performance After A Merger Project

In the past years there has been research in regard to influence of CEOs leadership style and their competences on stimulating creativity in teams. This article wishes to build on the conclusions and broaden it with the understanding of team performance after a merger has taken place. There is a gap in research on the level of middle management. We will explore the different comprehension of team success in Asian and Western culture, as well as the influence of the team leader’s leadership style on the team’s success. For that, two research questions will be explored: Is there a will of an Asian team leader to adapt his leadership style toward the Western leadership style to achieve success of the team’s performance after a merger has taken place? and How adequate is the Asian leadership style, to fulfil the need for the cross-cultural leadership style when leading teams in acquired companies in the West? In order to address the research questions, two sets of surveys will be performed. First set will be among the new Asian team leaders and the local Western team leaders, and the second among the team members. Since the practice of mergers and acquisitions is one of the most common tools for growing the business, it is crucial to understand the influence, the leadership style of the team leader has on the team’s performance after a merger has taken place.

Maja Cvejič
Alma Mater


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