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Za človeka gre 2021 / All about people 2021

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Investigating Artificial Intelligence Applications Towards Future Smart Cities Using A Fuzzy Dematel Method

Smart cities vastly integrate technologies and support innovations regarding the ability to provide sustainable urban socio-economic development. The growing rate of urbanization and “Metropolises” with more than 8 million inhabitants such as Tehran, cause difficulties to develop a sustainable and cost-effective environment and a high-quality life for the citizens. The cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques are required to To deal with this limitation, boosting information and communication technologies (ICTs) solutions and implicitly enhancing the competitiveness of cities. This research investigates the experts’ attitude towards the impact of AI applications on smart city features and discovers the importance and interrelationships of these features. The Fuzzy DEMATEL method is applied to determine the priorities and cause and effect relations of smart city complex system factors and statistical tests to demonstrate the impact of AI applications on future smart cities features. The experts of the Plan and Budget Organization of Iran contribute to this study as one of the most important organizations involving future urban development. The results make a brand-new contribution to understanding the significance of AI techniques concerning the improvement of urban living.

Mohsen Mazaheriasad
Plan and Budget Organization of Iran Iran

Mohammad Mahoud
3M-CEPM R&D Institute


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