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The Importance of Involving Parents In The Implementation of The Handling Method For Premature

Theoretical starting points The bachelor’s thesis presents the issues of premature delivery, premature infant, and proper handling with it. The purpose of the thesis was to draw attention to the importance of proper handling of a premature infant for its psychophysical development and to encourage parents to implement it. Methods The research part of the thesis is quantitative. The sample consisted of 116 parents who had a premature infant which was 3 years of age or younger at the time of the survey. The results of the survey were processed utilizing Microsoft Excel. Results The results of the research showed a relatively good knowledge of the importance of the handling method. They are aware of the importance and impact of such a method for the proper development of a premature infant. The surveyed parents are satisfied with the personal characteristics of the nurses, as they rate them as good. The surveyed parents recognize the ethical and moral qualities of nurses, as they rate them as good. Discussion We believe that a little more encouragement for parents on the one hand and, at the same time, more activity on the part of nurses would be needed for the nurses to encourage parents to be more involved. In particular, parental learning and involvement in undressing, dressing, and bathing, as well as in carrying and feeding, should be improved. We made suggestions for better recognition and implementation of the handling method among parents of premature infants. Keywords: premature delivery, premature infant, handling, parents.

Bojana Najglič
ECM Maribor


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