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Za Ĩloveka gre 2021 / All about people 2021

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Silver Smart Evolution Centre As Response To The Challenges of Ageism and Silver Economy In The European Union and Slovenia

Population ageing, as one of the key socio-economic challenges for the future of EU, requires thorough reflection, in-depth insight of intergenerational agreement and decisive action in adopting and implementing development policies. Article focuses on European and Slovenian demographic challenges and neglecting of elderly upon retirement.

We address identified challenges through a review of professional sources and policies of silver economy, smart specialization and long-lived society. We've researched and classified the sources according to PRISMA-P protocol, performed a comparative analysis and offered solutions to identified problems through own findings.

Overcoming challenges of ageism and long-term care requires additional investment in technological innovation and human resources, leading to improved production processes, resource management, competitiveness and sustainable GDP growth. In conjunction with smart specialization, demographic changes also bring great opportunities. Therefor silver economy has attracted attention of policy makers and economic stakeholders, as it, beside ageing, brings greater economic growth and new jobs. By 2025, it's expected to contribute 5.7 trillion euros to European economy.

Silver Economy emphasizes the importance of active aging and good health, which brings vitality to the elderly and enables them travelling, long-term work, acquiring new knowledge and maintain their independence of living in home environment. We're looking for answers to exposed challenges with the project model of Silver Smart Evolution Centre, representing a potential solution to the problem of stigmatization of elderly. Thereby we want to contribute to changing the perception of their usefulness after retirement, especially when involved in development and innovation processes of rural areas.

Marko Kac
Alma Mater Europaea - ECM


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