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Za človeka gre 2021 / All about people 2021

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The Paradigm of Educational Approaches Over Time and Logopedagogy As An Application of An Holistic Educational Approach

While discussing education the term educational anarchy arises since parents have lost authority and feel powerless. In the context of education many words are used such as spoiled and hyperactive children, dependent and irresponsible children, and children without goals, etc. Yet more than a century ago less was known about education than today. Nevertheless, these days we are faced with numerous and endless educational problems. We assume that the causes stem from various facts. This research will focus on the following causes of educational problems: 1. Children spend a lot of time in the virtual world (phones, tablets, video games, TV screens …), which replaces creative play, children's social contact and the role of parents, while in contrast with “helicopter” parents, 2. Parents are confused by the amount of different parenting styles and techniques available, and 3. The haste of the modern world. We decided to examine literature whose paradigm is based on education, educational approaches throughout time up to today. We will record the findings of the reflections of various authors on education, educational styles and the causes of problems that arise throughout education. We will examine researches analyzing these topics and determine the impact of parenting styles on the child at all levels. In education, the application of a holistically designed educational style would be necessary, as this decision represents a comprehensive development of the child on a cognitive, emotional, physical, spiritual, social, and value level.

Nina Markuš
Alma Mater in Osnovna šola Franca Rozmana Staneta Maribor, Podružnična šola Ivana Cankarja Košaki

Sebastjan Kristovič
Alma Mater Europaea, Evropski center - Maribor


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