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Za človeka gre 2021 / All about people 2021

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Biopoetic Narratives Towards Hybrid Togetherness

This paper describes how AI could improve hybrid and interspecies communication, promote environmental care and advance SciArt research and education. We created a framework for the development of biopoetic narratives where hope and remediation take shape through fiction, art and play. Using the plasticity of clay as a metaphor for evolution, creativity and AI, we propose a multilayer approach to generate a concept of hybrid togetherness. A togetherness where respect is given to both local and global forms of non-human intelligence and emphasis is placed on the nature of identity as a process of metamorphosis. The toolbox brings together a range of resources that facilitates research but above all allows participants to experiment in the field while actively generating new visual and textual biopoetic configurations. These configurations are generated through the correlation of motor neural networks and GANs with recorded data, gathered onsite and harvested through the Internet. It aims to create intertwined narratives where lived reality merges with the mythical and the virtual, raising questions about evolution and enabling a greater understanding of the interconnectedness of the living, the mineral and the technological.

Andrea Gogová
University of Tomas Bata in Zlin, Czechia

Jo Milne
United Kingdom

Tiny Domingos


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