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Views of Patients and Healt Workers To Complementary Treatment Methods

The purpose of this paper is to present the views of patients and health workers to complementary treatment methods and the need to include these methods into formal education programs of health care. For the use of a quantitative research, data was gathered with two questionnaires. The research included 191 respondents (99 patients and 92 nursing staff). The gained data was analysed with the program IBM SPSS Statistics 22. A descriptive statistical analysis was conducted, where frequencies, percentages, averages, standard deviation and an analysis with the chi-squared test were used. Nursing staff in conventional medicine has a more positive attitude towards the use of complementary and alternative methods of healing than the patients with kidney issues, Complementary and alternative methods of healing are being used by 92,9 % of patients and 97,8 % of nursing staff. In 53 % the patients are receiving the wanted information from nursing staff. Nursing staff in conventional medicine usually doesn’t face any ethical concerns by giving information and encouraging the patient to use complementary and alternative methods of treatment. The opinion of most of the respondents (81%) is that it would be good to have some sort of CAM content into regular study programs. Regarding the widespread use of complementary and alternative methods of healing among the patients with kidney issues (as well as the nursing staff), it would be reasonable to think about complementing these methods of healing with conventional medicine, with the support of adequately educated and trained professionals

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