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Za človeka gre 2021 / All about people 2021

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Using Vosviewer To Explore Job Satisfaction and Motivational Factors With Increasing Productivity In Project Organized It Company

The article includes a study of how to use the VOSviewer software tool to obtain the results of scientific research in the field of job satisfaction and motivational factors in connection with increasing productivity in a project-organized IT company. An in-depth review of the literature in the selected field requires a comparative method by which we can compare similar facts and processes and identify their similarities and differences. However, nowadays the results of scientific research (in various publications, professional journals) are already so numerous that the analysis of important terms and establishing a connection with the relevant records that we need for further research in our field is difficult to perform using traditional processing applications. data. As these connections are increasing and the interconnection of records is becoming more complex, we need to process them with more advanced tools to detect relationships in such a dataset. Only in this way can we discover the value of related data with the help of which we can obtain meaningful information. The visualization of data connectivity can be very helpful in this, for which we will use the mentioned software tool, ie VOSviewer, in the presented article. With it, we will analyze bibliometric data in a selected thematic area with the help of which the network structure of important terms will be built. The created bibliometric network will be used to obtain the most appropriate literature, which can be used to obtain researched facts in the field.

Tomaž Kokot


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