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Conditions For The Development of The Social Model of The Hospice House In The Republic of Slovenia

In a period of crisis in countries of prosperity and independent of the current epidemic, the non-profit-voluntary model of Hospice House has found itself in the spotlight a long time ago. Many saw it as an actor who, in addition to the State, would take care of the well-being of citizens who are dying but can no longer be properly cared for by their relatives. Also because they themselves need professional advice and assistance. Its peculiarity is that they work for the common good and their goal is to fulfil the mission, but not to generate profits–economic results for them are only a constraint for their long-term success. In our paper, we want to present the possibilities of developing a social model of Hospice House and hospic care by reviewing comparable arrangements in Europe and the world. A descriptive-analytical method will be used to review the placement of hospice care in the real life of the dying and their families and the legal regime of the Republic of Slovenia and the method of comparation to show the situation abroad. A systematic review of the Hospice's mission pointed to the disorder of both normative and socio-economic arrangements in the Republic of Slovenia.The author points out the need to develop a modern social model of Hospic House which will provide optimal care with the mind and heart to optimal care before and after the terminal phase of a seriously ill individual in the light of human integrity, his physical, emotional and world.

Alenka Križnik
Slovensko društvo Hospic


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