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Measures For Prevention and Control of Covid-19 In Slovenian Dsos

In March 2020, we were surprised by the spread of coronavirus, which causes covid-19 infection, throughout Slovenia. It soon became apparent that the elderly were most susceptible to infection and that mortality among them was higher than in other age groups. Outbreaks of covid-19 began to occur in nursing homes (DSOs), which we were unable to control at the state level. A number of measures have been introduced, we have procured personal protective equipment and we have not been able to contain the spread. The Ministry of Health has appointed coordination groups for all Slovenian regions and these groups are supposed to help stop the spread of coronavirus through the DSO. We established cooperation, helped with staff and trained staff in the DSO. Despite these measures and the relocation of residents to outdoor accommodation facilities, we observed consequences for residents, not just increased mortality in the DSO. During the second wave of the covid epidemic in the fall of 2020, homes were slightly more prepared, but the infection spread to virtually all DSOs, there were many staffing problems, in some DSOs almost all residents and a large part of staff became infected. Vaccination has been available since December 2020 and DSO residents were the first to be vaccinated as the most vulnerable population. The success of vaccination of the elderly and resistance to new strains of covid-19 infections cannot yet be judged.

Božena Kotnik Kevorkijan
Univerzitetni klinični center Maribor


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