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Za človeka gre 2021 / All about people 2021

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Mental Health – A Necessary Condition For Quality Ageing

Science and the experts often overlook the fact that problems in the areas of mental health, meaningful living, satisfaction and quality ageing are caused by a problematic lifestyle. In the European Union, mental health problems lead to a suicide every 9 minutes. 90 percent of suicidal behaviour occurs due to mental problems, most commonly involving depression and alcohol addiction. Despite amendments and various declarations related to quality ageing and mental health among the elderly, the issue of mental health is growing every year. Half of the world’s adult population has mental health problems. More than 20 percent of adults aged 60 or over face mental illness. After the age of 50, mental health problems begin to escalate further (depression, aggression – towards oneself and others – addiction, aimlessness, apathy, suicide) and the quality of life declines. Quality of life is reflected through an individual’s lifestyle in relation to mental health and the fulfilment of meaning. This is reflected in the way individuals experience themselves, their life, past and fundamental life decisions in old age. Due to the growing number of older people, the presence of mental illness will increase in Europe in the future. Nevertheless, Slovenia still does not have a comprehensive strategic plan for solutions regarding the ageing population. The issue of mental health and quality of life is multifaceted and covers various areas. Mental illness affects not only individuals but also their families and loved ones. Mental health is a serious problem and at the same time asocial, societal and health challenge.

Jasmina Kristovič
Alma Mater Europaea, Evropski center - Maribor


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