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Za človeka gre 2021 / All about people 2021

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Is Video Conferencing The Right Tool For Project Communication In Covid-19 Times?

The appearance of Covid-19 has significantly changed our lives. We had to change our habits, our routines almost overnight and adapt to a new reality in which the most natural form of human communication – face-to-face communication – was no longer adequate. Although the use of different media and digital communication is common in the world of ICT projects, the elimination of the possibility of face-to-face communication is also a change for on-site project teams. In my research, I examined - with the involvement of ICT project managers with more than 4 years of experience working large companies with an advanced technological background - what media have been used to replace personal communication and what impact this has had on themselves as managers of this communication. Data were collected through semi-structured interviews along pre-defined questionnaire and follow-up questions to responses, within one hour after project communication was completed.

Brigitta Vereczkei
Redbridge Consulting Ltd.


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