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Za človeka gre 2021 / All about people 2021

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Leading of Formal Research Group In Digital Environment

Covid – 19 crisis abruptly pushed forward digital approach also in higher education. Here institutions with at least some online technology expertise could take their advantage. So their teaching staff and students did not face such shocking experience as those with strictly traditional concept of study. Especially throughout 2020 literature brought vivid discussions on damage that such sudden change of conditions influenced the quality of study. Especially interactive learning requires solid knowledge and technology expertize if wished to be carried out in the online environment. Also in the field of research in higher education the COVID – 19 crisis brought changes especially by cancelling very important personal contact of researchers within research groups and projects. On the other hand however cancellation of meetings and contacts brought new challenge to research groups and communities leadership. Especially “noise” appearing in each team work emerge from different reasons, are manifesting themselves differently and require different leadership approach to keep the team progress. The paper addresses the main differences in leadership approaches as experienced with author’s acting as an academic leader in classical and in digital environment. General conclusion is that digital environment requires more personal engagement with management and leadership.

Rasto Ovin
DOBA Fakulteta za uporabne poslovne in družbene študije Maribor


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