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Za človeka gre 2021 / All about people 2021

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C-19 Art Response: "Žalike: Webscape" Project

Presentation of a virtual multimedia art project on European mythology in Zeitgeist, created by 5 female dance artists and one musician/composer How can art practice support mental health, especially in a crisis situation? How can virtual space be used for community outreach? And what would be advised by wise women from Alps "Salige" (in Slovenian "Žalike") nowadays? Considering the effects of the C-19-pandemic on art in a societal context, project participants have thematized the potential of the natural environment as art exile in which they could continue their art practice during the lockdown for one month. A shared theme for inspiration was found in the Alpine mythology on "Salige"- the wise women from the Alps a year before. The cooperation was extended in the virtual landscape of a Fb-group in which the "imaginative community" could continue to work on their art project. The focus was put on effects of artistic expressions on mental health and wellbeing in challenging times. Individual dance and music works have been exchanged via Fb and emails and composed together in a smartphone-movie-collage. Collection of photo images, drawings and writings in Slovenian, Croatian, German, and English was documented in a poster format, as a multilingual landscape. Applying their virtual project, participants have created a digital training format consisting of movement sequences for feeling well and multilingual talks for cross-generational practice in daily life: Žalike.

Tatjana Christelbauer
Alma Mater Europaea, Evropski center - Maribor


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