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Za Ĩloveka gre 2021 / All about people 2021

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The Impact of Covid-19 On Fragile Health Systems and Vulnerable Communities, and The Role of Physiotherapists In The Delivery of Rehabilitation

This briefing paper considers the impact of COVID-19 on fragile health systems vulnerable communities, and the role of physiotherapists in the delivery of rehabilitation in these settings. Whilst many fragile systems and vulnerable communities are located in low and middle income countries, they can exist in all countries. The paper will focus on the change in delivery of rehabilitation and access to physiotherapy during the COVID-19 pandemic. Furthermore is examined the impact of decreased physiotherapy rehabilitation services during the pandemic on vulnerable communities This work highligts the potential changes required in human resources and workforce planning to meet the needs post COVID-19 for physiotherapy service delivery and rehabilitation. The impact on the economy is concentrated on the importance of longer term investment in physiotherapy and rehabilitation post COVID-19 that needs acknowledging and planning at this stage.

Vittorio Ing Zanello
Alma Mater Eurpaea Maribor


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