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Za človeka gre 2021 / All about people 2021

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Key Philosophical Questions On The Field of Life Extension

INTRODUCTION: In the present review article, the author first presents and gives definitions of life extension and a related concept of longevity technologies. In doing so, he draws particular attention to a common mistake in understanding the concept. Namely, it speaks of the goal of achieving a life that at the same time exceeds the biological limits, but on the other hand, this life remains healthy and youthful almost to the end. The author then presents the full range of fundamental questions that life extension raises and explains how different philosophers have dealt with these issues. METHOD: The method used by the author in the article is analytical, as it collects a whole range of philosophical questions and possible responses to them in a systematic and transparent way. RESULTS: The article is the first in Slovenia to systematically present the range of issues raised by this topic. By quoting an extensive collection of literature, it is indispensable for anyone embarking on a journey of research in this field. Among other things, the author deals with issues from the philosophical fields of ethics, political philosophy, philosophy of mind, existentialism and some other important areas. DISCUSSION: The collected questions and literature prove that life extension opens many old as well as new philosophical debates. The author claims that prolonging life can strongly address people precisely because of existential proximity and thus actualizes the presented issues, which in this case are something that concerns individuals personally and not just remotely.

Martin Lipovšek
Filozofska Fakulteta UL


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