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Za človeka gre 2021 / All about people 2021

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Comparison and Analysis of Three Therapeutic Approaches In The Treatment of Addiction

Comparison and analysis of three therapeutic approaches in the treatment of addiction

In this paper, we will compare three therapeutic approaches in the treatment of alcohol addiction and web-related addictive behaviors: Relational Family Therapy, Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), and Brainspotting (BSP). Using the method of comparative analysis, we will analyze their scientific and theoretical starting points in understanding the phenomenon of addiction, therapeutic interventions and key processes in the treatment of addiction within each model. We will compare and analyze the extent to which they include the client’s involvement in the issue of addiction at the systemic, interpersonal, and intrapsychic levels. We will also be interested in how much each approach includes the client's bodily sensations and emotional experiences in the therapeutic treatment and which part of the brain is addressed by specific therapeutic interventions. Finally, we will compare the role of the therapist in the process of the three approaches.

Drago Jerebic
Teološka fakulteta Univerza v Ljubljani, Družinski inštitut Bližina


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