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Za človeka gre 2021 / All about people 2021

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Causes of Absenteeism Among Health Care Workers In Genaral Hospital Murska Sobota

Theoretical background: An increasingly common problem in society is the phenomenon of absenteeism or otherwise called temporary sick leave. Excessive employee absences can negatively affect the productivity of the organization and the morale of the work team of co-workers. Objective: In this thesis we want to present absenteeism, which are the most common causes of absenteeism, to present the stress and burnout associated with absenteeism, to present the impact of the work environment on absenteeism and ways to manage it. We want to find out the reasons for sick leave from work and which factors most influence absenteeism at the General Hospital Murska Sobota. Methods: A descriptive method of work was used in the diploma work. In the research work, we used a quantitative method of working with an anonymous online survey questionnaire, which was filled out by employees of the General Hospital Murska Sobota.

Simon Sedonja
Splošna bolnišnica Murska Sobota

Simon Šemrl
Alma Mater Europaea


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