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Respect of Pacient's Right To Privacy Between Dialysis By Nurses

Theoretical starting points: In the article we identified the issue of patients privacy rights. The purpose of the paper was to highlight the importance of respecting patients privacy by nurses (referred to as MS) during dialysis and to examine the most common violations of this right.

Method: The research part of the assignment is quantitative. The research was conducted at General Hospital Dr Jože Potrča in Ptuj at the dialysis department. 18 MS and 20 patients participated. The survey was conducted in July 2019. Prior to conducting the survey, we obtained the consent of the Nursing Service at said hospital.

Results: The results showed a statistically significant difference between MS and patients regarding the closure of the hospital room doors, covering the patient with bedding, requests for other patients in the hospital room to turn away, requests for visitors to leave the hospital room, and privacy while talking. MS assesy that these measures are performed more often than patients estimate. MS are statistically more likely to respect physical privacy than is estimated by patients. We found that there was statistically no significant difference between MS and patients in assessing how often patients had a breach of the right to privacy during dialysis, and also how often MS during dialysis violated their duty of professional secrecy. MS estimate that patients are statistically less likely to be violated of their rights to privacy during dialysis than the patients would think.

Nataša Cafuta
Rešilec, d.o.o.

Simon Šemrl
Alma Mater Europaea


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