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Za človeka gre 2021 / All about people 2021

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The Influence of Electronic Media On The Development of Communication Disorders In Children of Early and Preschool Age

THE INFLUENCE OF ELECTRONIC MEDIA ON THE DEVELOPMENT OF COMMUNICATION DISORDERS IN CHILDREN OF EARLY AND PRESCHOOL AGE Today, children encounter electronic media from an early age. Their uncontrolled use negatively affects the child's development. The long-term outcomes such of processes have not been fully explored, and the available findings of various studies are largely divided. The starting point of this paper is based on the assumption that children due to the frequent use of electronic media result in a communication disorder. The paper uses methods of description, analysis and comparison of the results of previous research. The results indicate possible negative consequences in the development of communication in children of early and preschool age, which means that the role of screening and electromagnetic / radiofrequency radiation, which these devices emit, cannot and must not be neglected, so it is necessary, by experts, to continuously monitor and warn about it.

Irena Jurišić
Doktorski študij logopedije - Fakultet društvenih znanosti dr. Milenka Brkića


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