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Za človeka gre 2021 / All about people 2021

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Dance Between New Architecture-Fourth Wall Trough The Eye of The Camera

If in a film one of the heroes addresses the audience, it is said that he "broke through the fourth wall". The convention of the fourth wall is actually quite old, and it is derived from the time when the audience visited the theaters. It is strange how the stage, a civilizational creation created in the time of ancient Greece, changed over the centuries, different cultures and political influences, and then suddenly moved to an "intangible dimension" of the film medium. It is certainly partly a consequence of the modern era, but what if the digitization of art becomes its only connection with the audience... In such an environment, the motivation of dancers, especially young ones, is re-examined, the course of the learning and the creativity process changes. We have the opportunity to look for our stage in various places, the fourth wall is collapsing, and with the help of the camera we discover new relationships between performers, choreography and the audience. Dance and camera have proven to be outstanding complementary partners that influence each other. And from this whole situation a paradox emerges:In the moment when the performing arts cannot be presented to their audience live, they get a chance to win over the planetary auditorium.

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