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Za človeka gre 2021 / All about people 2021

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E-Mentoring and Use of Information and Communication (ik) Technology In Mentoring In Nursing

The paper examines innovative methods of e-mentoring and the use of IC technologies in the mentoring process in the framework of the Nursing Study Programme. The International project Quality mentorship for developing competent nursing students (QualMent) is used as a basis, involving mentors from partner institutions from four EU countries: Slovenia, Finland, Lithuania and Spain. Information and communication technologies have changed the way information is accessed and treated. They pathed the way for new communication in society and a new way of building relationships that reflects into all spheres of society and individual activity. It therefore has a strong impact on the field of education and thus also on the area of the mentoring process in programmes of which training in the working environment is also an important part. There is a wide variety of new technologies that respond to different learning methodologies, and their main advantage is to enable students to play a more active role in learning. The paper focuses on exploring the possibility of using IC technologies and e-mentoring in the implementation of clinical training in the Nursing Study Programme, as well as on the attitude of mentors to the use of this technologies, as this has a decisive impact on the extent to which mentors will use new technologies in their work. In addressing the topic, we draw on the findings of previous research and on the findings of the QualMent project.

Jerneja Meža
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